Ousman Ceesay

My name is Ousman Ceesay.. born in the Gambia on the 7th September 1978. Attended all my education in the Gambia except my Masters degree. I came in contact with fhag in September 1999 when I was appointed as a social worker serving both the community of Bakadaji and Nafugan. This was through support women livelihood skills development, entrepreneurship, gardening, student sponsorship and school feeding programme. In the same year when the sponsors of the FHAG through Mr Arthur Aalst and Ellen Verlaan visited project sites with the intention of changing the management of the foubdation, project activities have to be haulted until further notice. to this end, was engage to upgrade my education career and I was assisted to be enrolled at the University of the Gambia.

Hhis this journey I was supported with all means possible in order to complete my univeesity degree. upon? completion in 2004 and some work experience, i was engaged to become a board member of the foundation as a secretary in 2008. since then I have served the foundation to date with dedication. under this years under review, I supported the foundation with my knowledge and experience in planning and delivering of various projects ranging from student sponsorship, women gardening, solar power supply, education material support etc.